Rest and Digest a Yin Yoga Workshop

Rest and Digest a Yin Yoga Workshop

16.06.2018, Uhrzeit: 15.00 – 17.30, Lehrerin: Andrea Kwiatkowski

Rest and Digest a yin yoga workshop. In the Chinese system the kidneys store Jing, our life Essence which when managed properly gives us enthusiasm for new adventures and energy for life.

Kidney function is related to wate, blood and our bones. It is said strong kidney energy can make us determined in our lives and helps us age with wisdom and grace, but if weakened fear, stress and fatigue are common place. The Spleen aids with digestion and nourishment. If our spleen energy is strong we are well balanced, grounded and have a strong will power, if it is weak we can feel lost in the world, struggle with being centred and suffer from anxious thoughts.

This 2.5 hr workshop will include a yin yoga sequence alongside Daoist and Buddhist teachings, Pranayama and meditation.

Andrea has been a yin yoga practitioner since 2003 and she began studying with her teacher Sarah Powers in 2007. She is a Level 2 yin yoga teacher, teaches retreats and workshops alongside interweaving her study of Buddhism which began in her twenties.

Inversions Workshop Berlin Rest and Digest a Yin Yoga Workshop, 16.06.2018, 15.00 – 17.30, Lehrerin: Andrea Kwiatkowski
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