Pankaj Sharma- Asana Intensive

Pankaj Sharma – Asana Intensive


Learn from the master of Yoga-Asana

This workshop will lead you into deeper understanding of the physical movements of Asana which will eventually but inevitably lead to a refined understanding of your connection to the earth.

Pankaj Sharma from Rishikesh, India is one of the most knowledgable yoga teachers regarding alignment and yoga therapy. An opportunity not to be missed. In this weekend intensive we will have a closer look on different aspects of the asana practice. Learn more about alignment ideas in different Asana groups aswell as about some specific variations for typical yoga injuries.

Who is Pankaj Sharma?
The different influences and experiences of his own practice, have made Pankaj develop his very own style of teaching Yoga to his students, but the spirituality and most of all the dedication to the practice of Yoga Pankaj experienced with his first teacher, greatly reflect in his own teachings today.

Through his deep knowledge and extraordinary understanding of the human body, Pankaj is not only able to help those, who already are in good shape, improve their postures, but in a very playful and light way he approaches Yoga to those who are new to it. A lot of emphasize is put on holistic and individual teaching, authentic Yoga rather than a westernized fast-food version. Even in bigger groups, all postures taught in the classes will be adapted to the physical constitution of each individual, there is no mass service as might be found in other places.

Questions are welcome at any time during the classes. Since Pankaj does not rigidly follow a certain schedule for each class, he is always able to adapt his teachings to the actual needs of his students and this is what creates the very special and unique atmosphere which many students around the world have come to enjoy and appreciate.
It is most advisible to take the whole weekend workshop as it progresses throughout the weekend. Nevertheless you have the option to only drop – in into different sessions.


15.00 – 17.45

08.00 – 10.45
13.00 – 15.45

08.00 – 10.45

The complete Workshop: 150 €

Single Session: 42 €

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