Samstag, 28.09.2019, Uhrzeit: 15.00 – 18.00
Lehrerin: Sandra

This workshop will include an experiential review of the anatomy of the “core” (including abdominal and back muscles), practice, theory and discussion of certain core stabilization/strengthening techniques as they relate to specific posture and a flow of yoga postures led to incorporate the principles presented in the workshop.

The ‘core’ of the body is often referred to as the abdominals, however, the core includes also your lower back (lumber), pelvis and pelvic floor muscles as well as the buttocks.

By awakening and learning to use our ‘core muscles’ we begin to understand and work with the mula bandha (the root energy lock) at the pelvic floor. While developing a strong core, you will be able to reach deep pelvic muscles and through gradual refinement Mula Bandha will become less muscular and more subtle. This workshop will help to hold yoga postures longer, safer and with less effort. It also will improve body strength and protects the lower back and prevents back pain.

You will experience that your energy level increases and that you will improve concentration and mental clarity.

This yoga workshop provides a chance to practice yoga on a deeper level in a holistic way, connecting the physical and the energetic body through yoga asana.

Make sure you attend the workshop on a fairly empty stomach.
Please note: I advise you to not attend this workshop when you are pregnant

Yoga Core Workhsop CORESTRENGTH – mit Sandra
Samstag, 28. September 2019
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