Spine and Armbalance Workshops with Mustafa Kombos


11.08.2023 & 12.08.2023

Fr. 18:00 - 20:30 & Sa. 10:00 - 12:30


49,00€ per workshop or 92,00€ for both


Mustafa Kombos


Eisenbahnstraße 5, 10997 Berlin

We are delighted to welcome Mustafa in Berlin . He will be teaching two very different workshops. Come and broaden your understanding of asana and physical mechanics paired with creativity and joy.

Friday 11th of August: Power of the Spine

6pm – 8.30pm

Most of the yoga asanas are the formations of many micro movements. Our spine is the most magical place that offers us many possibilities to explore in means of these movements. In some postures the spine is performing both extension and flexion while it is in rotation or in side-bend. So you can imagine there is no limit for the spine. This is why the spine holds many fears, anger, happiness and relief at the same time. In this workshop we will observe many different spinal movements in various asanas. Allowing our understanding of it to free us in more advanced asanas and their transitions.

Saturday 12th of August: Light on Arms

10am – 12.30pm

In yoga asana our aim is to find the effortless state where we can naturally breath. Taking into consideration that we are bipedal(walking on two legs) organisms this quest becomes a little more difficult for arm balances. Because if you go too much there is a very high risk of injuring yourself or disconnecting from physicality which is the opposite of our point of practice. Yoga asanas are our way of exploring, healing and nourishing the body rather than damaging it. Here comes the importance of yamas and niyamas. To be non-violent , truthful and the best of our authentic self in every moment especially in the most difficult times like while being on arms. In this workshop we will learn the physiological fundamentals of being on arms while exploring asanas like Flying Bakasana and Funky Pincha. On the way of expanding our awareness of the body we will deepen our understanding of ourselves through the light of yoga.

Mustafa Kombos

Hello friends. My name is Mustafa Kombos. I am from the Mediterranean. I have been practicing yoga for eight years and have been teaching for three years now. My teaching is inspired by many different cultures, philosophies and practices. Yoga happens every moment every where. It is the breath we inhale and the step that we take. It is our journey of searching, discovering and connecting with ourselves, people around and the nature. Ancient knowledge of yoga guides me through this path of enlightenment and I am grateful.

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