2 week Yoga Intensive with Camilla Veen & Moritz Ulrich


Sun Feb 13 – Fri Feb 25 2022


1008€ plus accommodation 


Camilla Veen & Moritz Ulrich


Crete, Triopetra

The Five Great Elements

Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. These are the 5 Maha Bhutas. Through asana, pranayama, chanting, meditation and rituals we will dive deeply into their most gross and most esoteric forms and expressions. They are deeply connected with the subtle essences of sound, touch, vision, taste and smell. Our time together will be highly sensational and experiential and will allow you to enjoy a very practical approach into these elevated intellectual concepts. Let us reconnect with mother earth and her very own building blocks, which can ultimately be found in the nature of everything and everyone.

Prepare yourself for sweaty and relaxing physical practices, heart – opening singing, freeing rituals, a vegan cooking session and an exploration of the elements in their purest forms (bring your swimwear).

The Jivamukti Ashram Experience

These 2 weeks are part of the 12 – week long program hosted by Jivamukti Yoga Global, so if you like you could stay for 3 months! You can find some general information below and much more details on this website.



6:00-8:30am Self Practice Space

8:45-11:15am Morning Practice with Senior/Adv. Cert. Teacher(s)

11:15-12:00pm Brunch

Afternoon: Optional Class and Workshop Offerings

5:00-7:00pm Community classes with newer Cert. Teachers

7:00pm Dinner

Evening: Optional Satsang, Classes, Activities


Triopetra, located at the south-west coast of Crete, has been a Yoga hotspot for 30 years now, listed as one of the top 50 Yoga- retreat- spots globally by Taschen’s Yoga Retreat Book. The place has drawn monks, ascetics and spiritual seekers for centuries. The hills around are full of caves where orthodox monks, seeking solitude, would practice their austerities. Later the hippies had their biggest community outside the United States just a couple of miles away and the global Yoga arrived a couple of years later, when Derek Ireland, Cliff Barber or Danny Paradise started teaching there in the 1980′


Though many yogis have passed through Triopetra, it is far from being the “beaten track”.


The guest house is slightly elevated above the beach and offers a beautiful view of the sea and the coast. Nestled in the coast, the Kretashala is right by the sea. The lovingly run family guesthouse has simple, well-kept rooms with balconies and sea views.

Pavlos and his family spoiled guests with excellent vegetarian cuisine, mostly from their own local cultivation.

The large, light-flooded yoga room and the yoga terrace offer a direct view of the sea.

A rock formation gives this incredible place on the southern coast of Crete its name, meanwhile it has become a symbol for many yogis, you will always find your way back to this magical place. It is hardly surprising, because in connection with the experience of the wild, mystical landscape, surrounded by the deep blue Libyan sea and its natural, lonely beaches, daily yoga practice leads to the discovery of one’s inner self.

With its natural power, this spot has always seemed to attract people who – apart from social efforts – are looking for their way to harmony with it.

So here ascetics, monks, philosophers and yogis have always let their consciousness permeate the earthy, indestructible, motherly power of this place.

In this area, an ashram stay offers everything you can imagine for recharging your body and soul: enjoying yoga in company, time for yourself and for reflection, for feeling your own senses and spirituality, or just being around yourself to feel and enjoy relaxation.

Once the thoughts are free from daily existence and the senses are sharpened for the fantastic perception of the natural beauty of Crete, practicing yoga leads to a particularly intimate and inspiring perception of the self.

In addition to the yoga practice, you have time for leisurely walks on the beach and to relax. Beginners and advanced are very welcome.

The area is ideal for hiking and long walks on the beach, but of course you can also spend wonderful lazy afternoons on the beach.


The Libyan Sea divides Crete from Africa, which is only roughly 200 miles away. Mediterranean winter air is pure; the light is brilliant; and you’re in the surroundings some of the most stunning and wild landscapes in the world. Lose (and find) yourself amidst high mountain ranges covered with snow, creeks, ravines, endless beaches, rocky coastline with rivers. All in, it is an extraordinarily rich display of nature.

Mediterranean climate can be beautifully sweet – average winter temperature is around 15° C (about 60° F) / water 16-17° C – though , at times the weather in Crete can also be quite extreme: . strong winds, rain, and even snow in the mountains.

Generally, you can expect good weather conditions and mild climate, as extreme conditions are possibly but less likely.  It is true island weather, wonderfully, impulsive.


Daily & Weekly 

 ✧ General Cleanliness
✧ Nature walks collecting waste (riverbed / beach)
✧ Plants & Gardens with Pavlos
✧ Kitchen Seva
✧ Practice Space Seva
✧ Rooms & Floors
✧ Towels, Sheets, Linen
✧ Ashram Projects

✧ Transfer, Grocery & Pick up Drives (Driving License required)


Garden Group:

✧ Stone Garden Labyrinth
✧ Meditation Garden / Beach


Staff Coordinaton: 

✧ Sharing & Caring Groups
✧ Weekly Small Groups Topics


The Wild Woodstock Jivamukti Forest Sanctuary is a magical 125-acre sanctuary established in 2003 and located in the beautiful Catskill Mountains near Woodstock in upstate New York (about 2 hours north of New York City and 3.5 miles from downtown Woodstock). Many Jivamukti gatherings have been hosted at Wild Woodstock, which serves as the inspiration for the Jivamukti Ashram Residential program.

The Sanctuary serves as a safe haven and unpolluted habitat for diverse plant and animal communities, including white tail deer, black bear, foxes, porcupines, possums, raccoons, turkeys, as well as a large variety of wild birds, fish, snakes and other reptiles and amphibians. In present culture, the word wild is usually used to mean “chaotic” or “disorganized,” but the word actually means “living true to one’s nature; not restrained, controlled or tamed by others.” The quest for enlightenment is a quest for wildness—to return to the natural state in which we know ourselves as one with all that is and we live that truth fully.

Sharon Gannon often teaches that we can have anything we want so long as we are willing to provide it to others first. She and David Life live that teaching by having established and by maintaining the Wild Woodstock Jivamukti Forest Sanctuary, which is the country ashram for the Jivamukti Yoga School.

Moritz Ulrich

Senior – Advanced Certified JIVAMUKTI YOGA Teacher
Co-Director Peace Yoga Berlin, Medical Doctor

Moritz ist ein Berliner advanced certified Jivamukti Yoga Lehrer, Gründer der Jivamukti Yoga School Peace Yoga, Creator von Onlinekursen für Yogaschüler*innen und -lehrer*innen und Facilitator, Anatomie- und Sanskritlehrer für die internationalen Jivamukti Yoga Lehrerausbildungen.

Moritz unterrichtet seit über 17 Jahren Yoga und machte dies zu seinem Hauptberuf, nach dem er erfolgreich sein Medizinstudium abgeschlossen hat. Nachdem er zu erst durch die Mystik, die Philsophie und die Esoterik zum Yoga gekommen ist, integriert er sein Wissen heute in körperlich und mental fordernde Asanaklassen, die mit einem inspirierenden Soundtrack und Herz erwärmenden Chanting von Mantras und Kirtan versehen sind.

Bis heute sind seine Lehrer Sharon Gannon und David Life, die Gründer der Jivamukti Yoga Methode, von denen er regelmäßig lernt und welchen er zu tiefst dankbar ist, dass sie ihm den Weg bereitet haben auf dem er heute gehen kann. Moritz ist außerdem dankbar für all die anderen wunderbaren Lehrer*innen von denen er lernen durfte, darunter Ana Froest, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Bryan Kest, Manorama, Gitta Kistenmacher and Dr. Patrick Broome.

„Mein größter Wunsch ist es, dass ich andere dabei unterstützen kann die Werkzeuge der Yogapraxis zu nutzen, um ein Gefühl des Urvertrauens zu erleben, dass zum Wiederkennen ihres wahren Potenzial führt, dass unendlich ist und mit grenzenloserer Freude gefüllt ist. Ich bin davon überzeugt, dass Yoga nicht für alle geeignet ist, sondern nur für die, die daran interessiert und dafür aufgeschlossen sind. Diese heißt der  Yoga dann aber immer herzlich willkommen. Ich fühle mich wahrhaft geehrt die Chance bekommen zu haben anderen auf diesem Abenteuer zum Zustand des Yoga zu Diensten zu sein, dem Zustand wieder Eins zu sein zu sein mit unserem wahren Selbst.“

PS: Eine vegane Ernährung ist die beste Yogapraxis und vielleicht die wichtigste.

Camilla Veen

Advanced certified JIVAMUKTI YOGA Teacher

Camilla’s first encounter with yoga was as a young child when she observed her mother in odd positions while doing breathing exercises on the living room floor at home. The fascination for yoga started already then!
Camilla has practiced yoga since the spring of 2000, and received the 300- hour certification as Jivamukti Yoga Teacher in the fall of 2003. She is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Teacher and is currently one of the facilitators of the Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training program. Through her passion and confidence, Camilla has influenced many Jivamukti students on their path to becoming teachers and continues to galvanize the growing Jivamukti community in Scandavania and Europe.
Camilla founded Atha Yoga in Stavanger, Norway in 2005. 12 years later, in 2017, Atha Yoga was transformed into a certified Jivamukti Yoga Center, and is now Jivamukti Yoga Stavanger. Camilla is the director of the center where she is also responsible for the faculty and the yoga program. She teaches Jivamukti yoga classes and workshops in Norway and Internationally.
It is the holistic perspective of Jivamukti Yoga that appeals to Camilla – with equal emphasis on the spiritual and mental aspects of yoga as well as the physical components. She is eternally grateful for all the inspiration, encouragement and love that she gets from her teachers, Sharon Gannon and David Life.

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