Sonja Sims

300 hours certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher

My yoga practice started 7 years ago and led me through different styles over beautiful places in the world, into my first Jivamukti yoga class in Berlin.

Completely overwhelmed and deeply satisfied I felt that I was finally home. Jivamukti Yoga combines everything ones need to experience the state of yoga. Yoga has enriched my life and transformed many areas of it.

The need to share my experiences with others encouraged me to participate in the Teacher Training in India 2017, with my teachers Sharon Gannon, Jules Febre, Yogeswari, Hachi Yu, Dough Whittaker and my mentor Moritz Ulrich.

Off the mat I inspire people through my work as a Visual Merchandiser.

Life is a gift. And yoga encourages us to unpack and explore us, layer by layer, to ultimately realize how fulfilled we are already.