Sarah Elsing

300 hours certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher

For Sarah Yoga is a path to find balance, freedom and equanimity. In the newsroom, in the literary scene, in the art world and in the jungle of European bureaucracy. Everywhere Yoga reminded her of what’s really important.

During a 10-day Vipassana-retreat Sarah discovered the power of meditation and mindfulness as means to find stillness in the mind. How to integrate this in a daily practice is what she aims to share with her students and friends.

Sarah took the Jivamukti Teacher Training 2015 in Blue Spirit, Costa Rica with Jeffrey Cohen and Yogeswari. She continuously deepens her knowledge in Yoga philosophy and meditation in workshops and immersion with Sharon Gannon, Jules Febre, Dr. Patrick Broome, Gabriela Bozic, Moritz Ulrich and Meghan Currie.