Karolina Juchnik

300 hours certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher

When I moved to a new city in 2013, I soon felt the need to become part of a community and finally found myself in a yoga studio. There I enjoyed diving on my mat almost unnoticed into the deepest inner concentration and at same time sharing the space and breath with others.

Here in Berlin my path led me directly to Peace Yoga in 2016, where I was able to understand how much more the Jivamukti method means than pure asana practice. Actually living the compassion for all beings in this world and realizing the transformation of the own small cosmos and beyond, still touches me. Jivamukti Yoga opens my heart – each day a little bit more.

Hoping to share one day this experience with others, in 2019 I took part in the Teacher Training in Costa Rica with Moritz Ulrich, Emma Henry, Rima Rabbath and my mentor Doug Whittaker. I deeply thank all my teachers of the past, present and future for their wisdom and endless inspiration.