Annina Lingens

300 hours certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher

I work as an artist and photographer. During my education as a contemporary dancer, I first tapped into the world of Yoga. But i was truly touched by Yoga later when I started practicing Jivamukti Yoga at Peace Yoga. Here I am now, excited and happy to fulfil my 500 hour Apprenticeship.

I am grateful for all my wonderful colleagues at Peace Yoga who are my advisers and guide me through the process. I am grateful to Moritz and Niklas for creating such a magical and special place and especially to Philippa who as my mentor inspires me with her strength and joy throughout.

“Our biggest fear is not, to be inadequate or insufficient. Our greatest fear is to be strong – strong beyond what is measurable. It is our light – not the dark that we fear the most. The light which is not in a few but in all of us. If we let our light shine, then we give others the permission to shine their light too.” (Nelson Mandela)