Anna v. Koerber

800 hours certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher

Anna’s path took her from studying philosophy, political science and fine arts to practicing yoga. Before that, she felt like Goethe’s Faust, who suffers beyond the limits of intellectual knowledge:

“Ah! Now I’ve done Philosophy,
I’ve finished Law and Medicine,
And sadly even Theology:
Taken fierce pains, from end to end.
Now here I am, a fool for sure!
No wiser than I was before”

Today, Anna thinks: If only Faust would have practiced Yoga instead of hanging out with Mephisto. Anna loves experiencing, sharing and letting go – in different order and in constant repetition, especially when yoga takes place far away from the mat and gives you so much when you get involved with it. She tests boundaries and likes to open closed doors because often life is like countless matryoshkas. In teaching she wants to share her experiences and is looking forward to seeing all who want to discover more and on the mat for this journey. And in doing so, ask themselves: “what do I really need?”.

At the moment Anna needs: sun, music, vegan delicacies, animals and waves. She needs people who face challenges with laughter and crying, those personal and those of the community of all living beings on this planet – this earth which she regards as the greatest, most fascinating gift – for which we all bear responsibility. Anna thanks all her teachers for their generosity in opening up and for everything she has learned and continues to learn.