Ann-Kristin Reiff

800 hours certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher

In 2009, Ann-Kristin discovered yoga and the question of individual and social happiness and never let go. ‘Right here I am right’ – that was her feeling after attending her first Jivamukti Yoga class, which she attended during her sociology studies in Munich. The combination of breathing and movement, music, the spiritual words as well as the touches in practicing yoga Ann-Kristin always brings the deepest satisfaction.

In 2016 the time had come and Ann-Kristin traveled to India to complete her 300 hours Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training with her teachers Jules Febre, Lady Ruth, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Emma Henry, Doug Whittaker and Moritz Ulrich.

Since she can not stop learning about Jivamukti Yoga she has continued with her mentor Moritz Ulrich with a 500 hours Jivamukti Yoga Apprenticeship.

Ann-Kristin is particularly grateful to Moritz Ulrich and all Peace Yoga teachers for what she was allowed to learn from them and is still allowed to learn.

In addition to teaching and practicing yoga, Ann-Kristin writes on her blog reifffuersleben about Yoga and the journey to happiness. In her weekly YogaLetter she reveals her tips for yoga workshops in Berlin.