For all: Watch this video that explains how to register for the online classes.
15 minutes before the start of the livestream you will receive an email with a link to the livestream.

If you are an USC or ClassPass member, please check in with your App.
If you want to register for an online class please click on the small green line next to a class time. You will then see the Mind Body Online page, if you have been at our school you can create a password for your account in the left box, using the e -mail address in our system. If you have never been with us, please use the right box to create a new user account. Within Mind Body Online you can only pay via Credit Card and by a single class, a 5 classpack or 10 class pack. Otherwise please contact us at info@peaceyoga.de. 15 Min before the class starts you will receive a ZOOM link. You can also use the Mind-Body-Online APP for registration.