First time at Peace Yoga Berlin

1. Do I need to register for any of the classes?
No. You can just come by and attend any of the scheduled classes. You do not need to register in advance.

2. How much does my first class cost?
At your first visit, you can take advantage of our introduction offer. For only 39€, you get a full month of unlimited classes. Enough time to try out different teachers and class types. This trial month is only available at your first visit, or you can buy it right now online, by clicking here . Of course you can also choose just to pay a regular drop-in class.

3. What do I need to bring to a yoga class?
At our studio will find yoga mats, yoga blankets, blocks and strap to be used a not extra cost. You only need to bring your sportswear. Yoga is practiced barefoot.

4. Are the class packages transferable?
No. None of the class packages are transferable; they can only be used by one person.

5. Is there any public parking close to the studio?
Yes. There are usually free parking lots without extra costs. Especially at Paul-Lincke-Ufer and Ratiborstraße you should be able to find some.

6. What is the most convenient way to get to Peace Yoga Berlin?
The easiest was is by foot, with your bike or scooter. The bus stops Glogauer Straße (M29) and Pflügerstraße (171, 194) are just one minute away. Walking from the subway stations Hermannplatz, Kottbusser Tot or Görlitzer Bahnhof is about a 10-minute walk, or you can hop onto one of the buses that are running from their (171, 194, M29).

7. I am pregnant, can I still attend yoga classes?
As with all yoga classes, you are practicing on your own and your child´s risk. Please ask your doctor, if there are any contra-indications to begin with your yoga practice. Please let us know before any class, if you are pregnant, so we might be able to give you some appropriate variations.